[otn / people / amethest]

A cloud of purple mist forms mysteriously around the door. A hush falls over the observing crowd as they become slowly aware of this strange apparition. A dagger, inlaid with deep amethyst crystals, appears above the mist. Slowly the mist resolves to solidify into flowing maroon robes. A hand extends and curls around the dagger. Suddenly with a flourish it thrusts the dagger downwards and deep into the oak banquet table. She executes a sudden no-handed cartwheel onto the table and surveys the crowd. The crowd that is held mesmerized by her gaze. They observe her flowing maroon gowns, the silver and gold embroidery of tiny moons and stars, the fist sized amethyst pendent nestled in the hallow of her neck, her shoulder length brown hair, the flint blue eyes, and the way her gaze flickers for an instant and rests on the beautiful women in the audience. The mutual gaze is so intense, that at first the quaking of the table is not noticed. She suddenly becomes aware of the instability of her perch and with a cry lunges herself upwards. She catches the flying fox in a knee hang and is flown madly around the room on it. It hits its buffer in the middle of the room and comes to a full stop. She flips her self off it and lands upright on the ground, her bare feet making a thunder clap beneath her. Slowing, almost causally, she bends to retrieve her dagger from the rubble. And as she returns to standing she says in a whisper that ends in a roar "I am Amethest!"

Geek Code
Version: 3.12
GED/FA/S/C/PA/O d++(--) s-:-- a--->?
C+(+++) W+ w O---- M-- PS+++(++) tv+
Y+ t+ X- PE b+++ G e(*) h!(*) r++ x+?
Sex Code
Version: 1.2
SMoSiBiFe A20 ?W- ?H+ D+++ E->+ b-
Cgr+++ C+++++ Cd+ d++++ fg+ i+++++
k++++ P Pig-----r----- r+ S++++
Sc----- t+ Wa+
------END SEX CODE BLOCK------